New Players Interested in the 2022 Season

The league is always open to new players. Players are taken on a first come basis. New players are assigned to teams based on their ability. Players are evaluated, before the season starts, and then placed on teams accordingly. If you are interested in playing slo-pitch, then please use the contact us feature at the bottom of the page to express your interest.
The league normally starts in mid-May and concludes at the end of July. Games are scheduled for Monday and Wednesday of each week. Games are played at Broad Street and 9th Avenue North.

2021 Season Highlights

The 2021 season started on June 14 and concluded on August 18 with eleven teams and 151 athletes participating and displaying their various skills. Each team played 20 games and the season wound up with a luncheon at the Four Seasons restaurant on August 23.
The league annual general meeting was held on October 29, 2021, at the Regina Public Library, Sherwood Branch. The minutes of the meeting are posted below.

AGM October 29, 2021

Meeting Room Regina Public Library 6121 Rochdale Blvd. Regina, President Bill Johnston called the meeting to order at 10:10 AM. 25 People in attendance.

2021 Agenda:
• President Bill Johnston asked if there were any additions/changes to the agenda - NIL from floor.
• Motion to accept agenda by Ted Puszkar, seconded by Don Anderson - carried.
2020AGM Minutes
• Motion to accept 2020 AGM minutes by Dale Ward, seconded by Neil McGregor - carried.
• The League will continue to give a yearly $500 donation to the Girls League (Item 7k 2019 AGM Minutes).
• Motion by Don Anderson, seconded by Dale Ward, to give the Executive ongoing yearly discretionary latitude in awarding honorariums to our ball diamonds groundskeepers - carried.

Financial Report - Jim Myers
• 2021 financial report handed out to everyone present.
• 2021 Softball Sask. MAP (Membership Assistance Program) no word yet on amount being received.
Social Activities - Kelly Sheard
• No skills competition windup due to weather conditions.
• Suggest holding skills competition in 2022 during the last week of regular season.
Player Evaluation – Doug Leask
• Thanked coaches for their timely 2021 player evaluations and also explained the random team player selection process.
• Suggested meeting with all coaches in the spring to review individual player rating numbers.
Public Relations - Doug Bouck
• Doug reported that Bob and Matt Desnoyers have made our website very secure.
• An instruction procedure sheet will be made available in 2022 for the winning coaches to be able to post win/loss results to our website.
• Doug needs notice of any game rainouts very early so people driving long distances have enough notice.
• Doug mentioned a problem with the names of people in group photos disappearing when changing screens.
Equipment Manager – Report given by Bill Johnston and Larry Jacobson.
• We have a good inventory of balls (19 doz.) and bats to start the 2022 season.
• Need a person(s) to volunteer to be an equipment manager.
• Motion by Neil McGregor and seconded by Jerry Flegel that the Executive be given discretionary authority to dispose of any retired League equipment – carried.
Vice President – Larry Jacobson
• Thanked everyone concerned in helping to make the 2021 season a success.
• Great work by Matt and Bob Desnoyers (Prairie Microworks) regarding our website, cost is $10/month.
• No covid-19 issues during season, thanked coaches for their diligence.
• Keeping people informed, the more information the better.
• Continue to send out as many forms electronically as possible to the general membership to reduce paper wastage.
President – Bill Johnston
• Many thanks to coaches, players, executive, etc. for a successful year.
• No Covid-19 issues.
• 11 Teams in 2021, hope to have an ideal 12 teams in 2022.
• Thanks to the player selection committee for trying their best to even the teams out.
• 115 people attended the windup banquet, thanks to Gord Patterson for organizing the 50/50 draw realizing just under $1000 split between the Alzheimer’s Society and the Regina Food Bank charities.
• Hope to have a skills competition towards the end of the regular season.
• Hopefully we can see a return to normalcy in 2022 with season start and player clinics.
• Glenn Heisler and Reg Lakness will not return as coaches in 2022.
• Moved by Dale Ward, seconded by Doug Leask, that all reports be accepted as presented motion carried.

Discussion Items:
• Rules, NIL discussion or changes.
• Resume preseason ball throw, umpire/bunting/hitting/etc. clinics and extended season play, if possible, in 2022.
• Hold skills competition during the last week of regular season play.
• Team jersey replacements, ongoing; goal is to not let jerseys get too far out of date. Individual jerseys can be replaced as long as the team style is still available.
• The Provincial SSFA games are scheduled to be held in Prince Albert, SK, on June 14-16/2022, National Games are to be held in Kamloops BC on August 23-25/2022.
• Question of how to let league players be made aware of the competition team(s). The competition teams have no affiliation with our League but are often made up of players from our League plus other player outside of our League, player selection is strictly by the team(s) organizer(s).
• COVID-19 Protocols and Policies for 2022 playing season; due to the ever-changing character of Provincial and Softball Saskatchewan rules any decision about COVID-19 is deferred until near season start in 2022.
• Possible increase in the number of scheduled regular season games; dependent on season start date and if there is an extended playing season in 2022.
• Size of bank balance; needs to be reviewed yearly, do not want balance to be too high or low.
• Volunteers to work the Girl’s tournaments, try to get new players involved.
• Recognition of Bob Kreutzer’s long League involvement, tried to recognize at the 2021 windup, Bob was not available, will try again for the 2022 windup.

Election of Treasurer:
• Jim Myers resigned as Treasurer (2010 -2021) and was heartily thanked for his long-term service and dedication by all present.
• Gero Winkler and Lorne Brown were nominated and agreed to let their names stand as a replacement for League Treasurer, motion by Doug Leask, seconded by Ted Puszkar that nominations cease – motion carried.
• A secret ballot was held and the result was that Lorne Brown is our new Treasurer.

Meeting adjourned at 11:35 AM
NEXT MEETING - at the call of the chair.